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Replace missing teeth with dental bridges, implants & dentures.

Dental bridges, implants and dentures


Bridges, implants & dentures are used to replace badly broken, extracted or missing teeth, usually due to trauma, excessive tooth wear or defects. After an initial consultation with you we will discuss the most appropriate form of treatment.


Recently lost a tooth?

The quicker you act the easier it is for us to restore your smile. If you suffered a sporting injury we can often replace your tooth, especially if you can get to us the same day.


Missing teeth causing problems?


Until you lose a tooth you may not have noticed how much a part teeth play in our day to day lives. We understand the impact it can have on your life and will get your confidence back and restore your smile.


Tooth replacement benefits

  • Replace unsightly missing teeth with our bridges, implants or dentures

  • A long lasting teeth replacement option

  • Improve dental hygiene by filling the gaps in between teeth

  • Replacement teeth will match the colour of your existing teeth.


What’s the best treatment for me?


Dental bridges and implants are our preferred method of tooth replacement. Dentures offer more of a budget option for teeth replacement. Our dental team we will suggest the most appropriate treatment after an initial consultation with you. In the mean time explore the options available to you below.


Dental bridges

Replace your missing teeth and close unsightly gaps with our highly effective dental bridges.

Dental Dentures

Fix a broken smile with comfortable dentures available at our dental practice in Cairo.


Dental implants

Enjoy a long-lasting and confident smile with dental implants at our Cairo practice.


Replace missing teeth and enjoy eating again with our revolutionary All-on-4 dental implants.

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