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It's ALL about the right choices for the right people.

We receive a lot of e.mails and questions enquiring about the cost of a ‘Hollywood smile’.

We believe that regardless of how old you are or where you come from, you are entitled to a beautiful smile that reflects who you are; a smile that reflects your confidence and self-esteem.

During your dental check up, our prime concern is usually focused on learning about your complaint. We are interested to hear about what bothers you about your teeth, or smile. Is it the colour, shape, alignment or all together?

Every single complaint has one or more lines of treatment. Every line of treatment has advantages ,disadvantages, limitations and factors such as cost and duration . The eligibility of the patient to receive a particular treatment is also detrimental to the decision making process. We would like to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of some cosmetic treatments.

1)Teeth Whitening.

We believe that Teeth Whitening is the safest and most conservative treatment in dentistry. In many cases it is the ‘answer of choice’ to people who are concerned about their yellow teeth. The disadvantages include relapse in colour over the years. Also, teeth whitening only addresses the colour of the teeth, not the shape or alignment.

2) Orthodontics/aligners/invisible braces.

Orthodontics is the treatment of choice for misaligned teeth. It closes the gaps and corrects the posture, angle and tipping of teeth. It is conservative and the results are for life. However, it extends over a relatively long period of time (min. 6 months). It requires the patient to be attentive to attending their follow up appointments and to maintain high level of oral hygiene.

3) Tooth coloured fillings.

Recent advancements of tooth coloured fillings revolutionsed dentistry. Now we can make veneers using tooth coloured filings which correct the shape, colour and alignment of teeth. However, tooth coloured fillings may undergo discoloration over the years. They may also chip or break. Having said that, tooth colored fillings is the treatment of choice for anyone seeking a ‘beautiful smile’ but with limitations to time and budget.

4) Ceramics

Whether it’s veneers, onlays, caps or crowns, ceramics are considered the ‘holy grail’ and corner stone of cosmetic dentistry. They provide the highest esthetics, strength and achieve the maximum results over the years. Great results come at a higher cost than previously mentioned options.

Upon your dental check up we will attentively listen to your wishes and desires. We will talk to you about all the available options, and the pros and cons of each. Cost of treatment is an important element of the decision making process. We believe that your wishes and desires should be the first thing to be discussed during your dental appointment and not the cost of treatment. #veneers #Teeth_Whitening #Crowns #ALL_Ceramics #Tooth_coloured_fillings

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