High quality dentistry is expensive. High quality dentistry is for life.

The advancements in modern dentistry rest on the foundations of science, research and technology. The aim of modern dentistry is to provide patients with more reliable and durable options not only to treat their ailments but to achieve their hopes for a confident and a great looking smile; in a relaxed and safe environment.

As a private practitioner I receive a lot of enquires about the lines of treatment we provide in our office and my reply is always: come for a dental check up. Let’s have a conversation in order to learn more about your wishes and complaints. Give us the opportunity to carry out a thorough clinical and radiographic evaluations which are the core foundations behind modern dentistry. After a thorough dental investigation a treatment plan is formulated. We write it down and a copy is provided to our patient. The advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option is clearly outlined and the cost of the treatment, payment methods..etc are also discussed and outlined during the dental check up.

High quality dentistry is expensive. It involves high quality dental materials, a highly skilled dentist , and an adequate dental environment that provides state-of-the art equipment with cutting edge technology. This triad is most effective with patients who are conscious and aware to the fact that high quality dental treatment, like anything else, is and should be always provided with the aim to address the patient’s complaints, achieve their wishes/desires and serve for the longest possible time.

If you are looking to receive dental treatment and you are looking for a good dentist, then please don’t be price nor treatment line centred. If you are price driven then you will most certainly end up with a dentist with poor dental skills, poor dental products/materials and most likely you will be on the receiving end of over treatment; receive unnecessary caps/fillings. On the contrary, a dentist or a dental practice that provide high quality dentistry will aim to provide the best possible dental care utilising the best standard of care and measures simply because their business model is not founded upon volume but quality, patient care and dentist-patient trust.

We understand that we are living in the era of bright and shiny ‘Hollywood smiles’. Yes, everyone deserves a better looking smile but the question remains at what cost? The health of your dental tissues, your general health and over all wellbeing is a primary concern for a dental practice that follows a patient centred approach; putting patients wishes/best interests before volume and profit.

Lastly, I would like all people to know that most dentists out there are truly passionate about what they do. We do care about our patients best interests and overall well being. In order for us to be able to provide you with high standards of care then this requires continuous training and education, investing in high technology and high quality products. High quality dentistry is expensive, but try to think of it as an investment for life in your general well being and confidence.

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