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Safeguarding your 32 pearls!

Maintaining a healthy mouth with sound teeth and gums incorporates more than just brushing twice daily. It has been clinically proven that brushing twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste prevents tooth decay. Having said that, we now know more about decay and how it occurs. The measures of preventing tooth decay and gum disease far exceed tooth brushing only. Here are some tips to consider to safeguard your precious 32 pearls.

Brushing the right way.

Inadequate tooth brushing or faulty tooth brushing will either lead to tooth decay or to destruction and wear of the tooth surface; all leading to sensitivity, decay and possible tooth loss.

Yes, we should brush twice daily using a fluoridated tooth paste. Brushing should elapse 30 seconds to cover all the surfaces in each corner of the mouth from the inside out. Use the tooth brush by tilting