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Professional teeth whitening. Promoting facts & debunking myths.

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

At Cairo Smile we believe in the power of Teeth Whitening!

We receive a lot of enquiries about teeth whitening and in this post we hope to provide you with all the details that will enable you in deciding whether it’s the right thing for you.

At Cairo smile we believe that teeth whitening is the single best and most conservative treatment provided in a dental office. It will make your teeth whiter and brighter in a safe and reliable way in a single session (60 minutes). Teeth whitening can make your teeth go up to 8 shades brighter.

Q How does it work?

Bleaching is a simple chemical reaction that releases free hydrogen radicals. These free radicals break down stains and dark pigments into a million and one pieces. Hence, when the light falls on the object (tooth) and is reflected to our eyes we perceive the tooth to be whiter.

The chemical reaction is enhanced and accelerated by either a L.E.D strobe (Phillips Zoom advanced) or a diode laser (Biolase Epic X), or without the aid of any technology (Opalesence by Ultradent).

Each technology or method has it’s merits and uses. The advantages and disadvantages of each type and the method that will yield best results will be explained to you thoroughly after your dental checkup. Professional pre-opertiave photographs will be taken as reference. Moreover, our state-of-the art electronic shade device (Easy shade V by VITA) enables us to digitally acquire the accurate shade of your teeth and show you the final result prior to the procedure.

Q Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes! Teeth whitening is one of the safest dental procedures. It doesn’t react with or affect the outer layer of your teeth (enamel) or your general well being.

Q Is teeth whitening painful?

Some teeth sensitivity is reported after teeth whitening due to the temporary dehydration of the tooth. However, recent zoom technology and the laser whitening have significantly reduced the post operative sensitivity. Using pain killers pre and post operatively can eliminate any sensitivity. Additionally, we use fluoride gels to relieve and guard the teeth against any discomforting stimuli.

Q What about the horror/upsetting stories you heard from your friends/ relatives concerning teeth whitening?

For a dental procedure to be successful and pain-free many elements come into play. Excellent choice of materials, correctly administered protocol ,adequate case selection and patients adherence to the post operative instructions are vital for the procedure to successful, comforting and to yield satisfactory results. Patients' adherence to the post operative instructions (especially for the first 48 hours) is pivotal to maintain long lasting results.

Q Is teeth whitening a ‘magic wand’ for solving all your dental concerns?

Teeth whitening is a line of treatment that should be prescribed and administered by a professional registered dentist. Bleaching addresses the colour/shade of your teeth. It doesn’t work on tooth colored fillings, inlays, onlays, caps/crowns, veneers or bridges.

At Cairo Smile we provide a money back guarantee. After the treatment commences if it doesn't provide you with the expected result or you are overall unhappy with the treatment you will receive a complete refund of amount paid.

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